Hi, I'm Carly Sellaro.

I remember getting an Olympus film camera as a gift from my dad when I was seven years old. Running around the house taking photos of all the things that mattered the most, including my fish tank, dog, and dolls. Growing up, my family enjoyed photography just as much. My whole life feels like it was photographed from the day I was born. 

My dad passed away when I was 11 years old. Since I will never get to know my father, I find photographs to piece him together. These photos are his story. Photography holds a special place in my heart. It creates connection, emotion; it is a path to remembering; they are timeless.

I want to create these timeless moments for my clients. These are memories that are cherished forever. My editing style is a mix of vintage and modern. The '60s and '70s constantly inspire me, and my editing style shows this. I enjoy doing many types of photography; there is hardly anything off-limits. My favorite subjects to shoot are insanely in-love couples, though. Let me help you create timeless memories you and your loved ones will have forever. 

Jack of all trades when it comes to photography, I do everything from weddings to real estate photography. I am a fashion photographer as well so be sure to click on the correct gallery, so you can look at my unique work.